Goodbye passwords.
Log in with a picture.

Passwords are really difficult to remember.
What if you could just log in with your favourite picture instead?
With PixelPin, you can.
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A picture is worth a thousand passwords

PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures to create a delightfully simple, personal, and more secure way to log in to many websites and apps.

Pictures are memorable, personal and most of all provide an almost infinite number of combinations which makes your account safer that it has ever been.

From passwords to passpoints — how it works

One picture, four points, no passwords.
With PixelPin you upload one of your favourite pictures, choose four points on it, then that is your login. Simple!

Join the PixelParty, and make it yours:

  1. Choose a picture
  2. Choose four points
  3. Login, sorted!

About us

We are a cyber security company building a new and more secure authentication systems that replaces passwords with pictures.

Our core product has been invented and built by cyber-security experts who want to make the web a more secure space for all.

Our mission is to make passwords safer and simpler for all.

PixelPin login is available on these websites. Many more coming soon!

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