Our mission is to safely remove the need for passwords, making the internet a more accessible space

PixelPin’s mission is to safely remove the need for passwords log in and become the authentication solution of choice for all businesses and users around the world.

Our story

PixelPin was founded to help solve the constant security pain point: the password. 

Authentication is fundamental for a secure internet, but current solutions are offering weak security and poor user experience.  In theory password-based solutions are secure, but in reality, users can’t remember different, randomly generated passwords for each website or app, making them insecure for users and businesses.  

Alternative authentication methods such as biometrics are expensive to implement, device based, with privacy concerns and backed up with a PIN.  Businesses are under increasing pressure to differentiate themselves, efficiently acquire new customers and improve the overall digital experience.

Leveraging the psychology of visual memory, and more than 30 years of security expertise, the team looked at how people are more likely to remember a single picture. This set PixelPin on a mission to help businesses engage more users by removing the password barrier and providing one login for all websites. 

PixelPin offers a highly secure, user friendly and personalised authentication solution that reduces friction during authentication, strengthens user engagement and brand loyalty, whilst ensuring a higher level of security than traditional alphanumeric passwords.  

Once the user has their PixelPin login, this is the same for every website with PixelPin.  PixelPin is a software-only solution that can be easily integrated on any website or app because its technology adopts industry standard frameworks.  

After a couple of years of iterating the product based on customer feedback, in 2019 PixelPin picked up their first Venture Capital funding from SBI (formally SoftBank Investments) bringing the lifetime funding to £4.5 million.

PixelPin is applicable to all markets but focuses on leading brands within the retail, e-commerce, entertainment, travel and leisure markets.  Our solution offers specific value to chief marketing officers, digital experience specialists and chief information security officers.

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