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We envision PixelPin becoming the authentication solution of choice for all businesses and users around the world. 

Our story

PixelPin is co-founded by defence experts Brian Taylor and Geoff Anderson - to help solve the constant security pain point: the password.
The world we live in is becoming increasingly visual, personalised and instantaneous and yet our passwords remain a stagnant cluster of words, numbers, phrases and characters, which we find overly complicated and are always forgetting.

The everyday cybercriminal is taking advantage of this situation and finding thousands of ways to hunt and use unused passwords and personal information for their own gain or malice. Quite simply, password authentication is no longer cutting it.

It was a power cut that lead to Brian’s quest to find an alternative to the password. While working as a defence and surveillance consultant for a government department, a power failure took out all of the IT systems that they relied on to monitor threats. Brian was shocked to see those in attendance using notebooks to track all the previously generated passwords, which they then used to log back in to the IT systems. Realising that this solution was clearly untenable and insecure, the need for a new solution was born.

With this serving as the lightbulb moment, Brian and Geoff set out to find a solution. Leveraging the psychology of visual memory, and more than 30 years of defence expertise, they looked at how people are more likely to remember a single picture over a thousand words and combined it with what we love doing – taking pictures! The result was a sequential four-point, picture-based password, known as the PixelPin. 

Now in London and Tokyo, PixelPin is helping hundreds of businesses around the world to protect employees and their customers.

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