Our mission is to make authentication safer and simpler for all.

We build a secure authentication systems using pictures instead of passwords. Security shouldn’t be something to fear, it should be fun and make you feel safe. 
Whether you are a business or an individual, let us worry about security for you.

Our core product is a picture authentication solution that has been designed and built by world leaders in cybersecurity, working together to make the web safer for everyone. By eliminating the inherent weaknesses of the traditional text-based format, PixelPin offers a more secure and engaging way of logging into your accounts compared to traditional passwords.

PixelPin started out as the product of a UK-based tech startup. Since then it has developed its vision to become the world leader in account security by replacing passwords with pictures. With offices in London, Cheltenham, New York and Tokyo, PixelPin values flexible working, so its team can be found travelling all around the world.

Founders Brian Taylor (Inventor) and Geoff Anderson (CEO), have over 30 years experience of managing complex systems in the defence and security markets. CISSP certified, cyber security expert Luke Briner (CTO) has a strong white hat hacker pedigree.

PixelPin has a highly experienced board of investors and successful business leaders.

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