Taiwan’s entertainment ticketing company, tixCraft, integrates PixelPin

tixCraft, one of the largest ticketing distribution companies in Taiwan is using PixelPin in competition with social logins.

Known as the ‘Ticketmaster of Taiwan’, tixCraft has chosen to integrate PixelPin to enhance the user experience and security of its customers. It’s the first company in Asia to step into the future of authentication and to take pride in their online customer’s safety.

The Challenge: Enhancing customer security and user experience

tixCraft were aware of the insecurity of social logins but knew using them was attractive to their customers because they are so easy to use. They wanted to offer their users an alternative to social logins, whilst standing out in the industry by offering something new and inventive.

tixCraft wanted their brand to be memorable and exciting, so looked for a user friendly, original solution.

The Solution: PixelPin’s picture logins

Leading UK cybersecurity PixelPin has collaborated with ticketing distribution company tixCraft, to provide an alternative and more secure solution to social logins which are so prevalent in today’s online climate.

PixelPin’s innovative solution uses a photo instead of a PIN or password to login. The tixCraft customers select 4 points on a preselected image to log in, making their accounts more secure than if they were to use the most complicated passwords imaginable. It works on any device using a touch screen or mouse and can be used to login to any application or system. Once users have created their PixelPin account, they can change the picture as often as they like, to photos that are important or personal.

One Picture. Four Points. No Password.

The Results:  Secure logins and more sign ups

Since integrating PixelPin, tixCraft has seen an exponential growth in new registrations each month, as well as an increase in usage each month. The Taiwanese public are clearly very interested in the alternative to social media logins that PixelPin offers. They can login more securely and using a personal picture as a password is fun and interactive. PixelPin is as fast as social logins, it takes in average 8 seconds to log in with PixelPin but is infinitely more secure and private. With every log in it is getting easier and easier for users to remember their passpoints, making each login memorable and personal.

“I made the decision to use PixelPin as an authentication method for my users, as I believe visualisation is a perfect match for our customers. The collaboration with PixelPin has been easy, smooth and painless. All the support from the PixelPin team has been fantastic! Users talk about the new service and think it’s cool because it uses images and they can directly link to concerts.” says KT Chiu, CEO of tixCraft.

This collaboration marks the first step towards the global market for PixelPin. Security experts at the cyber security company expect to further their relations with businesses and enterprises in Asia through strong networks, such as those at Level39 (the world’s most connected community for finance, cybersecurity, retail and smart-city technology businesses).

 “We are very excited to be working with tixCraft. This is PixelPin’s first customer in Asia and a great opportunity to bring the world beating usability and security of PixelPin’s authentication technology to the tixCraft website,” says Geoff Anderson, CEO of PixelPin.

In addition, it reflects PixelPin’s interests in integrating with a wider variety of industries. So far, the company is also known in the IT and tech industries, with companies such as 51Degrees and _connect. Alongside venturing into the entertainment industry, it expects to develop a broad range of industries in the future.

About PixelPin

PixelPin is a cyber security company, based in London (UK), that uses visual, cloud-based technology to deliver an authentication solution for businesses and enterprises. It aims to provide customers with a secure and engaging way to interact with websites and mobile apps. For more information, please visit https://www.pixelpin.io

About tixCraft

tixCraft is an entertainment ticketing distribution company, based in Taiwan, that sells online tickets to concerts, events and festivals. Its service provides clients with a platform to create and manage event ticketing, sell tickets on sale, and examine real-time sales reports. For more information, please visit https://tixcraft.com/.


"I loved the idea that I can actually log into any account with any of my favorite pictures. This is in my opinion way more easy and intuitive than using a generated, hard to remember password or even worse... a simple, unsecured "easy to remember" password!"

Ovidiu G, Game Producer

"I have a much better time remembering the passwords with the help of a visual reference. Its fun to set up and its fun to login every time."

Damijan R, Software developer

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