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Gloucestershire's business support provider, The Growth Hub, integrates PixelPin.

Growth hubs are local public/private sector partnerships led by the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). LEPs were created in 2011 and they join up national and local business support so it is easy for businesses to find the help they need. There is a network of 38 hubs in England.

GFirst LEP is responsible for Gloucestershire's Strategic Economic Plan and claims that it was responsible for bringing £77m of inward investment to Gloucestershire in 2015 alone. The LEP chair, Diane Savory, says in the 2015 annual report that GFirst is "the most successful LEP in the country; the only LEP to receive everything it asked for – and more – from Government.""

The Growth Hub, a partnership between GFirst LEP and the University of Gloucestershire, offers support to Gloucestershire businesses in order for them to maximise their potential. From one-to-one advice and support, to a range of expert-led events and online self-serve resources; there's help for growing companies of all shapes and sizes.

With a new website hosting features designed to make business support more accessible and more effective, The Growth Hub wanted to ensure their customer's data stayed as secure as can be.

The Challenge: Alleviating hacking risks to Gloucestershire businesses

The weakness of text-based passwords has long been a hot topic in cyber security news. With a number of high-profile password leaks leading to millions of compromised accounts on some of the world's largest websites, many businesses and enterprises have begun investing in strong, reliable cybersecurity.

The Growth Hub wanted to make sure that their data protection was engaging and innovative, as well as being as secure as possible, so they partnered up with PixelPin.

The Solution: PixelPin's no more passwords

Leading UK cybersecurity PixelPin has collaborated with GFirst LEP and The Growth Hub in Gloucestershire, to provide secure access to online business support services.

Working with leading UK cyber security company PixelPin, means The Growth Hub can provide their clients with the best protection for their accounts. Businesses and consumers log into their The Growth Hub online accounts using PixelPin's innovative authentication solution, enjoying a more engaging, but also secure way, of logging into their online accounts.

PixelPin's innovative solution uses a photo instead of a PIN or password to login. The Growth Hub customers select 4 points on a preselected image, making their accounts more secure than if they were to use the most complicated passwords imaginable. It works on any device using a touch screen or mouse and can be used to login to any application or system. Once users have created their PixelPin account, they can change the picture as often as they like, to photos that are important or personal.

One Picture. Four Points. No Password.

The Results: a safer future for Gloucestershire businesses

The Growth Hub takes online security seriously, particularly when it comes to protecting their customer’s data. They believe that working with PixelPin reflects the importance of working with disruptive and innovative technologies and solutions to drive growth in Gloucestershire.

James Brown, Senior Project Manager, Digital Infrastructure, comments: “Through the Growth Hub, GFirst LEP hope to see an energised Gloucestershire business community that is taking steps to grow now and into the future. With an eye on that future, GFirst are keen to bring new ways of working to the attention of business leaders. PixelPin is more than a secure, intuitive and engaging alternative to passwords; it represents the need to adopt a new mindset in business, a digital mindset. We are thrilled to be working with the PixelPin team, and especially proud of their Gloucestershire roots."

About PixelPin

PixelPin is a cyber security company, based in Cheltenham (UK), that uses visual, cloud-based technology to deliver a two-factor authentication solution for businesses and enterprises. It provides customers with a secure and engaging way to interact with websites and mobile apps.
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About The Growth Hub

The Growth Hub is a partnership between the University of Gloucestershire and GFirst LEP. It’s the place to go for any of Gloucestershire’s 26,000 firms seeking support or help in growing their business. From people thinking about starting up a new business, right through to multi-million pound companies, all are welcome and are able to access a wide range of resources and services.
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"I loved the idea that I can actually log into any account with any of my favorite pictures. This is in my opinion way more easy and intuitive than using a generated, hard to remember password or even worse... a simple, unsecured "easy to remember" password!"

Ovidiu G, Game Producer

"I have a much better time remembering the passwords with the help of a visual reference. Its fun to set up and its fun to login every time."

Damijan R, Software developer

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    PixelPin provides a unique solution that enables customers to seamlessly log into any website or mobile app using innovative picture-based authentication. Quicker, more intuitive and more secure than a standard password.