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The easiest, quickest and safest way
to log in online.

PixelPin is the brand new way to log in, that uses four pass-points on a personal picture instead of passwords. It’s easier to remember because, well, it’s your picture. It’s more secure than the average password because it’s much harder to hack or guess (there’s clever science and maths to prove it). So you can spend more time buying your favourite things, and less time remembering and resetting passwords. Find out how it works here

Imagine a world without passwords… 

Wave goodbye to password error messages and resets. Bid adieu to remembering tens of different passwords for all the sites you use. Say au revoir to using *mypet’s name*123 on them all, because you know you won’t remember them. With PixelPin, you click four points on a picture of your choosing, and you’re done. Simple, but secure. Find out how it works here

Logging in is safe, fast and fun with PixelPin 

PixelPin replaces passwords with pictures to create an easy to use, personal, memorable and more fun way to log in to any website. It’s also more secure. Picking 4 points in a sequence provides endless combinations, making your account safer than it has ever been. GCHQ agree - they chose PixelPin to take part in their cyber start up programme. Find out more here