PixelPin Developer Documentation


Updated 18th July 2020

Integrating with PixelPin is easy. This page will help you get started.

The easiest way to integrate PixelPin into your website/app only takes 3 steps.

  1. Download a suitable plugin. Select one of our plugins below for a detailed guide on installation. We have plugins available for:  
  2. Create a developer account by signing up, signing in and choosing Add/Edit Developer Accounts on the dashboard
  3. Configure the plugin

Hints and tips

  • If you are new to all this, start with the basics before changing too many things. For instance, find an OpenID Connect plugin and ensure it works in a simple way before modifying anything specifically for PixelPin.
  • Until our code is included with 3rd party libraries, some manual changes might have to be made. Make sure you backup you files and/or database before changing your site in case something goes wrong.
  • Certain characters in the "secret" that we provide you can cause problems in some plugins. For instance secrets starting with @ will break wordpress social login. If you get a low level error with the authorization process, please delete and recreate the developer account to obtain a new secret that will have different characters in it.
  • If you get an error, make sure you copy and paste the exact text before asking for help. This will make it much easier for us to trace.
  • If you have problems with our website(s) not working, please Contact Us.


Browser Support - We only support Internet Explorer 11 and above and up-to-date versions of Firefox, Chrome and other modern browsers (which should update automatically). We do not support older browsers.