Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I use PixelPin?

You can use PixelPin to log in to any website or app that uses PixelPin. The list of sites using PixelPin is available on our website and growing continuously.

Can I use my own picture?

Yes - you are encouraged to use your own picture as it makes remembering the points you have selected (passpoints) a lot easier. There is a growing body of academic research suggesting people remember images better than words which links to the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE).

Can I use the same picture on my phone and laptop?

Yes – PixelPin is a cross platform solution so you will be able to log in to a particular website or app using the same picture from wherever you want. PixelPin works on PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

What is the best sort of picture to use?

Choose a picture that you have a personal connection with. It’s important to pick an image with lots of points of interest to ‘click’ on – but make sure you don’t pick obvious passpoints, like 4 faces in a row. Don’t forget, the order is important too.

Am I choosing objects or points in the picture?

A common mistake people make with PixelPin is that they think it’s possible to select a whole object or a person in a picture and that that counts as a ‘passpoint’, this is not the case. When you set up a PixelPin account it is important to choose specific ‘points’ in your picture rather than areas. The confirmation of passpoints step in the registration process should help you choose your passpoints precisely and remember their correct order.

How can I make sure I press my points correctly every time I log in?

PixelPin offers a ‘magnifying glass’ tool on that works on any device when you register and every time you log in. All you need to do is press a point anywhere on the screen a little longer and then move the magnifying glass to the desired position.

Can I use multiple pictures?

No - the idea behind PixelPin is that you use one picture to log in everywhere. If you come across a site that uses PixelPin and you already have a PixelPin account, you will be able to log in or register to that site easily using PixelPin and use your picture as normal.

Can I change my picture?

Yes - we recommend changing your picture as often as you like. Once you’ve logged into your PixelPin dashboard you can change your picture or your passpoints.

Can I change my passpoints?

Yes - you can change your passpoints once you’ve logged in to your PixelPin dashboard.

What happens if I make a mistake?

You just start again. You have 5 opportunities to get it right. If you still make a mistake you will need to reset the passpoints using the ‘I’ve forgotten’ button. For security purposes if you enter your passpoints incorrectly too many times your account will be locked for 1 hour. We encourage you to use the zoom function when inserting the passpoints. There is also a delete button if you enter a passpoint incorrectly.

I keep forgetting my passpoints.

Make sure you choose a picture you have a personal connection with, it also helps if you tell yourself a story when selecting your passpoints. For instance, if you’re using a picture of a map of the world, you might choose 4 countries you have visited. It also helps to use PixelPin as frequently as possible.

What do I do if I forget my passpoints?

You can easily reset your passpoints by selecting the ‘I’ve forgotten’ link. You’ll then receive an email with a link to your security question, answer your security question and you can then reset your passpoints.

What do I do if I forget the answer to my security question?

Your security question is a key piece of information that allows us to identify you as the account owner. If you end up forgetting the answer to your security question, we will not be able to identify the ownership of your PixelPin account and will, therefore, not be able to proceed with the reset process on your account/passpoints. If you fail to remember your security answer, you can always register a new PixelPin account using a different email address. To avoid any problems, we ask that you choose a security question which strongly resonates with you.

What if I want to delete my account?

You can delete your account from the 'Update account details' section in your PixelPin dashboard, after logging in to on a web browser. If you cannot remember your passpoints or the answer to your sequrity question, you can request that your PixelPin account be deactivated. This process will disable the account permanently and you will not be able to register again with the same email address. In order to do this, you must email from the email address the registered with. Emails from other addresses will not be accepted.

I registered for PixelPin, but I have not received a confirmation email.

Try checking your spam box. You must verify your email address by clicking on the link in this email before you can use PixelPin.

My fingers are quite large, will it still work on a touch screen?

Yes – PixelPin will work for anyone. Moreover, we give you the possibility to zoom in every point by pressing the screen a little longer. You can also move the magnifying glass until you find the right point.

Is PixelPin secure?

Yes - the number of potential passpoints on a picture is far greater than the number of characters and numbers on a keyboard. Therefore, a picture is much more secure than a 4-digit PIN on a phone or a good password.

Are fingerprints a better solution than pictures or passwords?

Fingerprint security is a biometric solution where you use your own body to authenticate yourself. Clearly biometrics tend to be very secure, but it is not possible to ‘reset’ your fingerprints so you need to be confident that if you offer them to an organisation they will look after them securely. PixelPin believes that biometrics are not appropriate for normal day to day authentication needs. No hardware is required for PixelPin – it will work on any smartphone, tablet or computer you already have. Biometric solutions do not work in every situation so using PixelPin gives you the confidence that you will always be able to log in.

Does PixelPin require cookies?

Yes - PixelPin requires cookies to be enabled in order to work properly. See our Cookie Policy for more information. If you need help enabling cookies in your browser, see this article.

Does PixelPin work on any browser?

PixelPin works on the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera and Internet Explorer.