A picture is worth a thousand passwords

Passwords are really difficult to remember. What if you could just log into any account with your favourite picture instead?

Log in to any account with your favourite picture-story

With PixelPin you upload one of your favourite pictures, choose four points on it, then that is your login. Simple! Pictures are memorable, personal and most of all secure. Picking 4 points in a sequence provides endless combination which makes your account safer than it has ever been.


When setting up your PixelPin you can use the image from our range of cool, bright and carefully selected photos, or implement your own favourite picture: your dog, your vacation or a familiy picture.


Because each one of us is unique, we see images in different ways and when we use a personal picture, there's a far higher chance that you'll remember which 4 points mean the most to you - no more forgetting your password! 


1, 2, 3, 4! this is how long it takes to log in with PixelPin. It works on any device, no more language barriers and difficulties to type on a mobile device. PixelPin can be used by people of all ages, nationalities and abilities.


Passwords are often forgotten, stolen and susceptible to all types of malicious attacks. PixelPin is 3 times more secure than a standard password, but much more memorable becuse of the use of personal memories.

Where to use PixelPin

Many more to come

"I loved the idea that I can actually log into any account with any of my favorite pictures. This is in my opinion way more easy and intuitive than using a generated, hard to remember password or even worse... a simple, unsecured "easy to remember" password!"

Ovidiu G, Game Producer

"I have a much better time remembering the passwords with the help of a visual reference. Its fun to set up and its fun to login every time."

Damijan R, Software developer

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    • Why choose PixelPin over passwords?

      The challenge with secure passwords is that they require a high level of complexity and length meaning they're often forgotten. There are two issues that arise from this problem. Firstly, users opt for simpler passwords to ensure that they remember them, reducing their security and resulting in compromised information. Secondly, it means the vast majority of users who can't remember their password drop out of the purchasing process. Password reset mechanisms can also be susceptible to intercepted emails and stolen reset codes. With the threat of brute force and dictionary attacks, passwords are far from the ideal authentication solution. 

      The strength of PixelPin lies in the picture superiority effect: we remember images more accurately than words making it far easier to recall an image-based password. This reduces the chances of customers forgetting their credentials and dropping out of the sales process. PixelPin is also immune to dictionary attacks and the vulnerabilities associated with password resets. 

    • Why choose PixelPin over social biometrics?

      Implementing and maintaining biometric solutions is expensive, requiring significant project time to scope and carry out the solution. They're often vaunted as the authentication solutions of the future, however, biometrics are not quite as secure as some may think. They generally come in several accepted forms, fingerprint scanners, facial and voice recognition.

      • Fingerprint scanners typically only read a partial fragment of the finger, often proving inaccurate.
      • Facial recognition systems can be easily fooled by a picture of the appropriate person being. Issues surrounding recognition with gender and race are also well documented not to mention their poor reliability in bad weather.
      • Voice recognition is also notorious for struggling to understand local dialects and accents, often allowing other users to access their devices.

      Biometrics also excludes web-based customers as they are predominantly used across mobile channels. All of these solutions are also highly dependant upon the quality and accuracy of the physical kit available, something that cannot always be guaranteed. Even if we disregard all of these concerns around reliability and sufficiency, one glaring flaw still remains - they're reliant on passwords for a workaround when the biometrics don't work. 

      Finally, public trust in, and support for, organisations storing their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is waning. Concerns arise around whether it’s appropriate and ethical to store PII across multiple systems.

      PixelPin doesn't require any specialised equipment to be installed, all that's needed is a screen that can be found on almost every smart device. Likewise, it can be used anywhere, on any device - not just the one it has been set up on. We also keep all of your information completely private with no risk of your personal credentials being obtained. 

    • Why choose PixelPin over social logins?

      Logging in through a third-party like Google or Facebook may appear secure and convenient but in reality, it brings some serious security concerns. Firstly, a social media login is not authentication - it is authorisation. This means that there is no emphasis on identifying the customer. You're left with no indication that the user is a valid customer, it provides no certainty about their real identity. Secondly, relying on a social login also opens up your customers' data to Facebook who may potentially sell this on to your competitors. Finally, Facebook is a declining social-media platform, its general decrease in market share means that, as time moves on, it will become less and less viable as an authentication solution. 

      PixelPin provides real and genuine authentication for your customers, it keeps their information private and it is not reliant upon a third-party's market share for success.

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