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Why PixelPin?


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PixelPin is more secure in everyday use when compared to traditional passwords. In addition, PixelPin is not vulnerable to brute force hacking, phishing, and other security threats.


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When companies enable customers to log in with their own personal, cherished pictures, they initiate an emotional connection to the brand–the holy grail of most marketing organisations.

Quick and simple to use

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With PixelPin you upload one of your favourite pictures, choose four points on it, then that is your login. Simple! The story behind each picture is as unique as it is personal. But more importantly, it is memorable. This is what makes PixelPin unique.


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Unlike biometrics, PixelPin is a software solution that doesn’t require costly specialised hardware, is consistently easy to use, and is flexible enough to work across most platforms.

Easy to integrate

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A new authentication system isn’t worth much if its implementation is expensive or time consuming. Our products are easy to integrate and can flexibly adapt to custom integration requirements.

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